What Causes Allergies?


We are electrical beingsIt was Gary Craig who first introduced me to the idea that our bodies are electrical circuits. Blockages and imbalances in that circulation can cause allergies. There are several factors that can cause these blockages and imbalances. Let’s take a look at what they are:

1. Inherited from close and distant relatives. Inherited allergies do not always take the same form in different generations. For example a father with asthma could have a child with eczema. The predipositon for allergy has been passed on but not the actual type of allergy.

2. ‘Energy Mismatch’ as Jame Thurnell-Read calls it. I love this phrase and it describes beautifully the work that I do and what this site is all about. This describes the ‘clash’ that occurrs between a person and the unsuitable energies of foods, drinks, chemicals, pestisides, environmental factors, bacteria, viruses, fungus, moulds, heavy metals, vaccines, MSG, aspartme etc. The list is endless!

3. If we don’t absorb nutrients from our diet we become deficient. This leads to abnormal enzyme production which leads to abnormal functions in the body such as poor digestion, hormonal problems, anaphylaxis, thyroid problems etc.

4. Physical injuries, emotional stress, surgery, accidents, and serious illness can lead to a lowering of the immune system. This means the body is more likely to be sensitive and over-react to other energies.

5. Chronic blockages in the body’s energy circuit can be caused by emotional stress and trauma. If this happens whilst in the presence of food or substance, then every time the person comes into contact with that in the future, they will be reminded of the stress or trauma. You probably wouldn’t consciously realise this but through muscle testing we can pin point when the trauma occurred and what the trauma was. Then we can release it with Ask & Receive and my healing laser

6. Over exposure to toxic substances over time can cause what is called, “The Rain Barrel Effect”. The idea is that we are like rain barrels. We keep on filling up until we are so full that we overflow. In this case we replace rain water with toxins. We become so full of toxins that we start to become sensitive to other things. I have found that food allergies can have this effect too. For example a person with food allergies can be more sensitive to pollens. Once treated for the food allergies the allergy to pollens often disappears as well.

7. Toxins produced in the body caused by:

a)  physical exertion from doing exercise or manual labour                                                                                                                          b)  viral or bacterial infections parasitic infections, moulds, yeast and fungus
c)  being in constant contact with chemicals, lead, copper, mercury etc.

8. When exposed to radiation for long periods of time. For example hours in front of a computer or television or even too much time in the sun. Also if  a person is around radioactive materials.

The underlying cause to any illness could be allergies. That’s why it is SO important to start eliminating them one by one. It is no good just masking the symptoms, that can only make matters worse.

Please leave a comment below and if you have a question, just ask.

With love,

Cathy x

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