My Tips On How To Be Healthy – (Part 2)


Holistic Allergy Specialists Tips On How To Be Healthy (Part 2)Continuing on from My Tips On How To Be Healthy – (Part 1), here's some more tips to help you get the best out of life! I want to help blitz those limiting beliefs you have about health as you age.

Those limiting beliefs don't have to be your reality! Start making the changes today, no excuses.

Read on, you deserve it!:

8)  Take care when it comes to prescription drugs – Pharmaceutical drugs are killing thousands of people every year – as an expected side effect of the action of the drug! You should always ask your doctor if they are definitely necessary. If he says they are and you trust this decision, then it is a good idea to muscle test while holding the drug to make sure that they will be ok for your body. (I will teach you how to do this in my new system). If the muscle test gives a weak response then you can treat for the drug, so that you won't have any side effects caused by an allergic response. This will not stop the toxic effect though.

9) Question the need for so many vaccines – Before having a vaccine or giving your children one I would highly recommend doing your research.  That way you can make an informed decision. I would really like to see the Government giving us more of the real facts and figures when it comes to side effects of vaccines.

10)  Use effective tools to deal with stress –Stress is a killer! Effectively dealing with it in the moment not only makes you happier, it will help you be healthier and live longer! Hidden allergies can make us more susceptible to stress so it's important to deal with that factor. There are also underlying emotional issues caused by trauma or limiting beliefs that can contribute to stress.  If we don't deal with these then small triggers every day can cause stress that we find really hard to cope with. My favourite techniques for dealing with stress are: Ask & Receive, EFT ( or Ho'oponopono, yoga and meditation.

11)  Use 'Ask & Receive' to start bringing exactly what you want into the here and now – If you want health then just ask for it and then receive it! Sandi Radomski does a great 'Ask along for health' cd for only $10 on her site Ask & Receive

12)  Exercise as much as possible – Regular exercise is really beneficial for a healthy mind and body. Every week day I drop my youngest at school and then do a brisk walk around the park. Being around nature is great for the soul! There is so much abundance to observe when surrounded by nature. This is a great time for me to do my EFT and Ask and Receive as well, so I kill two birds with one stone! As we get older (over 35) doing weight bearing exercise is good as well as walking to stop us losing muscle. Kettlebells are great for this and I find that they tone my body quicker than anything else.

So you see, it really isn't that difficult to implement change that will help you to start living a healthier, happier life is it?

With love,

Cathy x


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