My Healing Laser Has Has Done It Again!


Little Miss Funny Face!

It’s funny because I found myself chatting to a Mum at school today. I was telling her about how amazed I was that my daughter’s cough had almost gone. I checked myself and said, “Why do I still find it so unbelievable that our bodies are such incredible healing machines and that using my healing laser had really helped the healing process?” After all I am seeing this all the time!

It all started on Tuesday morning when my 5 year old daughter had a bit of a cough and husky voice. She didn’t have a temperature and was fine in herself so she went to school. By the time I picked her up it had turned into quite a troublesome cough. She had a friend coming to play and she could hardly speak to her without coughing. Her friend was almost as bad as her!

That evening when my daughter was in bed I asked her to spit into some tissue. Whilst she was holding it I laser sprayed her ears, hands and head with my Beurer Softlaser. I spoke, on her behalf, in my mind using a blend of EFT and Bodytalk.

Once she was asleep I placed an energy vial with the energy patterns of streptococcus and staphylococcus by her throat (she had been complaining that her throat was hurting) and I used my healing laser on one ear and hands. I set my intention for her wellness and continued with EFT and Bodytalk. Whilst I was lasering her ear, she really twitched which just shows that she must have been able to ‘feel’ the light!

Something that I really believe and it’s something that Richard Flook teaches in Meta Medicine is that when your body needs to heal you should just drop everything and rest. What I have noticed is that after doing energy work my family and clients they report that they have an overwhelming desire to sleep. They wake up feeling so much better!

I had already decided that Dani would not go to school the next day. I allowed her to sleep until she woke up naturally which meant she had nearly 12 hours sleep. I told her that she could stay home with me. I was really surprised that she didn’t get excited about this. Instead she said that maybe she could go to school a bit later!

At 9.45 am she decided she wanted to go to school!

I have to say she did seem to be much better and only coughed when we talked about it. So off she went to school, where she was met by her delighted friends who were amazed at how late she was. They told her that she had missed out on making jelly. Shame!

I picked her up from school yesterday. She was full of energy and I didn’t hear her cough once!

She coughed a little this morning but it sounded like one of those coughs that you have had for ever and is just on it’s last legs. Do you know the type I mean?

I might treat her again tonight using my healing laser for her saliva. I didn’t do a treatment last night because I thought it best to allow her body the time to heal which it seemed to be doing so well.

With love and light,

Cathy x


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