How To Use Ask & Receive To Get What You Want In 2012 (Pt 1)


How To Get Exactly What You Want In 2012New Year’s Resolutions suck! They are just wishes that are destined for failure as we sabotage them with our limiting beliefs!Today I am going to teach you a really easy method called Ask & Receive which will help you bypass those limiting beliefs so that you can start receiving everything you desire!

Limiting Beliefs

So what is a limiting belief?

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight but then thought, “oh it’s so difficult, I will never be able to do it” or “I am giving up smoking” but “People who smoke seem to be more relaxed and more fun. I don’t want to be stressed and boring”.

It’s those ‘buts’ that are limiting beliefs. Common limiting beliefs are:

Safety – it’s dangerous for me to________

Possibility – it’s just not possible for me to___________because I have always failed

Identity– I will not be myself if I___________, other people won’t like me

Deserving – I’m not goo enough to___________

Loyalty – I would not be loyal to my_________(family, friends, etc) if I ______________

Just insert your resolution into one or more of the ___________ to see what limiting beliefs feel true for you.

How To Use Ask & Receive For Your Desires

I learned Ask & Receive from Sandi Radomski of www.askandreceive.org and I haven’t looked back. Life seems much more effortless. Instead of worrying over things, I just remember to ask for what I want. I have also had great success using this technique with my clients, in conjunction with my healing laser and Allergy Antidotes system for anything from allergies to weight loss to phobias.

When we use Ask & Receive, we are connecting with our Higher Self which knows our desires and always wants to provide us with them.

Now I would like to teach you how use this amazing technique to finally turn those New Years Resolutions into desires that you will come to trust you can have in 2012!


The 5 steps of Ask & Receive :

1. “There’s a part of my Being that already knows ________”.

2. “That part of my Being is willing to inform the rest of me now”.

3. “It is doing so now with grace and ease”.

4. “My mind, body and Spirit are receiving this information.

5. “Information transfer is now complete”.


Now take your list of New Year’s Resolutions and fill in the ‘blank’

Here’s some examples:

  • How to easily stop smoking within the next month!
  • That even though it scares me to lose weight, it is now safe to weigh 2 stone less and be fit, healthy and happy!
  • How to effortlessly lose the weight I need to have my ideal body!
  • How to naturally want to eat food that is healthy for my body and feel satisfied!
  • How to find the perfect job for me, where I am surrounded by amazing people and I am being paid what I am worth!
  • That I deserve to be paid or make £$___!
  • That I easily have 50% more money than I need to live the lifestyle I want for myself and my family!
  • That it is possible for me to do a job I love and make 50% more money than I need to live the lifestyle I want!
  • How to find an easy, affordable way to start paying off my debt!
  • How to really want to do exercise!
  • How to want to drink less alcohol!
  • How to attract my soulmate

I have more to say on this subject so I will continue in another post called, How To Use Ask & Receive To Get What You Want In 2012 (Pt 2).

Please share your 2012 desires below. I can help with wording if you need it and I can do Ask & Receive for you. When two or more people come together to focus energy on something it is SO powerful!

With love, light and wellbeing

Cathy x





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  1. Ryan says:

    Hi Cathy,

    interesting site you have here. I have issues with allergies that have caused serious damage in my life, but I also have a goal to remove ALL of my limitations in this lifetime so I can do the things I want to do. There just seem to be so many limitations in my mind that frankly, just about any pursuit proves inordinately difficult. Yet I believe that if I go about it correctly, I can get rid of all the obstacles and have some really amazing stuff happen.

    You think you can help me with that?

    • You go for it Ryan! You certainly can overcome obstacles with the correct mindset. I think you would benefit from learning EFT which you can learn for free here This will help you with your limiting beliefs.

      To treat your allergies I would highly recommend The Allergy Kit

      Really amazing stuff can happen when you take control of your life. You have made the decision to change, now you just need to take action. It might not happen over night but if you take baby steps and do a little something every day, you will be amazed at the results. Try to keep your focus on the good stuff that happens.

      I would always recommend that you speak to your doctor first before trying to help yourself.

      I hope that helps.

      All the very best to you!

      With love,

      Cathy x


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