Healing Laser – Why Every Home Should Have One (Part 2)


Healing LaserWhen I started writing about the many uses of my healing laser outside of my practice, I didn’t realise how long my list was going to be! It was far too long for one post so I decided to continue it here.

If you haven’t done so already you can read Healing Laser – Why Every Home Should Have One (Part 1) by clicking here.

So here are some of the ways that I have used my healing laser outside of my Holistic Allergy Practice and you could too:

1. If someone cuts or bruises themselves we use the laser on it. It really accelerates healing. It is big hit on the school playground!

2. I used my laser on a 6 year old who had callouses on her hands from so much climbing. They were really sore so I used the laser on them for a few minutes. She said she could feel a ‘fizzy’ sensation. That’s amazing because it wasn’t even touching her skin! Afterwards she said it didn’t hurt at all. Her Mum, who is a real sceptic, reckoned it was the placebo effect but I know better! (and so did her daughter!).

3. I had bad sinus pain one day. I decided to try my laser to see if it gave me any relief. I couldn’t believe that after just a few minutes of spraying the light over my sinuses the pain disappeared and never came back!

4. I had pain in the veins in the back of my right knee. I put the laser on them for about 2 minutes and actually felt the pain melt away.

5. My 5 year old had ulcers in her mouth one evening. I used the laser for about a minute and a half on them. The next morning she said she could still feel them a bit so I zapped them again. She didn’t complain about them again.

6. I burned my tongue whilst tasting the food I was cooking. You’d think I’d have learned by now! I would usually have the stinging sensation whilst eating my food later on. I was surprised at how quickly the stinging disappeared after shining the light of my Beurer Softlaser on my tongue. I had forgotten I had even burned it by the time I ate!

Beurer, the manufacturers state that the healing laser can help with:

  • mild acne and pimples
  • small fresh scars
  • cracked lips and chapped skin
  • inflamed mouth corners
  • fine lines and shallow wrinkles
  • herpes (cold sores)
  • small sores and ulcerations
  • mouth ulcers
  • small wounds
  • small open and weeping wounds
  • acute and chronic colds
  • rhinitis and blocked or runny noses
  • minor skin blemishes

Even though the laser is great to use topically and I use it on all of these things, I like to get to the root of the problem as well. Could allergies be causing herpes or rhinitis? – probably. With the system I use to identify and treat allergies using my healing laser, I can help eliminate the allergies that are causing these symptoms.

I am developing a system that can help you do this for yourself and your family at home and I hope to have it ready in the New Year.

Now that I have started I feel that I could keep going with this list. Honestly the uses for this little hand held device are endless. I think this healing laser should be part of everyones first aid kit!

I am currently out of stock of the wonderful Softlaser but will update when they are back in stock!

If you have any problems or questions please leave a comment below.

With love,

Cathy x


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  1. varana andy says:

    Actually,laser therapy has the potential to help any situation wherein the body’s cells are not working at their optimum potential.

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