Are Food Reactions Making Us Fat?


Can Healthy Food Make Us Fat?Have you tried to lose weight so many times but always seem to fail? Been on every diet there is but just can’t seem to stick to them? Feel like you eat ‘healthy’ food but still feel fat?  You shouldn’t get down on yourself because it’s probably not your fault. It could be down to allergy related food reactions. Food reactions play a huge part in our success with weight loss.


What are the signs that I could have allergy related food reactions?

Some signs that you could have food allergies are:

  • Feeling bloated after a normal sized meal.
  • Mood being affected by certain foods.
  • Not being able to shift that last 5 to 15 pounds.
  • Wanting and eating the same types of food every day.
  • Indigestion, heartburn, wind/gas or acid reflux problems.
  • Swollen hands, feet or ankles, puffy face or a double chin.
  • Insomnia, hypoglycemia,chronic joint pain, skin problems like acne and eczema.
  • Asthma, allergies, frequent sinus or ear infections or frequent headaches.
  • Uncomfortable PMS problems.
  • Felling unusually tired after eating.

Why diets don’t always work

The problem with diets, even the best ones, is that they omit the fact the if we are allergic or sensitive to certain foods, even healthy ones, there is a good chance that we won’t lose weight.

Elson Haas who wrote “The False Fat Diet,”  states that food reactions:

1.  Cause fluid to surround invading food particles.
2.  Release hormones that cause fluid retention.
3.  Make intestinal membranes swell.
4.  Disrupt cell chemistry, causing fluid storage.
5.  Cause capillaries to leak fluids.
6.  Cause gas productions.

On top of all that there is the constant craving! Even though we might be eating less on a diet, if we are still eating even small amounts of the foods we are reactive to, without having balanced ourselves in relation to them, we could be constantly hungry. We can be allergic to healthy food like fruit or vegeatables!

Food reactions can cause terrible cravings that really do make it almost impossible to resist certain foods. They literally turn us into addicts. We crave food that we are allergic to as if it were a drug.

So is it any wonder that diets can be SO difficult to stick to?

Please don’t get me wrong, I really believe in a healthy well balanced diet and there are some amazing diets around. I think these diets should include clearing our allergies, sensitivities and intolerance’s to reactive foods as well as any emotional issues and stress. That way we can make the diet a more permanent part of a lifestyle change.

Deprivation can be a very common feeling when on a diet which is very natural and dates back to when we were cavemen. The fear that there isn’t enough is quite a big issue for a lot of people on diets and this needs to be addressed with Meridian Laser Technique and Ask and Receive.

I really believe, having dieted all my life, that one of the main reasons for failure with diets is food reactions. We need to deal with these at the beginning of any healthy eating regime otherwise we could be doomed to failure. As I said before those cravings are real! That’s why effective allergies treatments and allergy healing is such an important part of any diet. When we stop eating or stop reacting to our ‘Reactive’ foods the false fat will naturally fall away.

There is a real difference between the feeling of normal hunger and  food addiction cravings.

Another reason for constant hunger could be your body ‘Searching’ for nutrients that is is not getting. If you are allergic or sensitive to foods you will not be getting the benefit of the nutrients from them because your body can’t absorb them. Apart from the fact that you will never feel nourished these deficiencies, if not corrected can lead to major illness.


Now You Can Eliminate These Food Reactions Yourself

I recommend to my clients that between visits, they start treating themselves for all food that they eat as well as any supplements that they take with a healing laser. It is a simple but effective allergy treatment that takes only a few minutes.

I am working on providing you with the tools you need to help you eliminate your allergies. Watch this space!

Please leave your comments below. I would love to hear them!

If you need any help, just ask.

With love and light,

Cathy x


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