Allergic Fatigue – Your Tiredness Could Be Caused By Allergies!


Allergic Fatigue*  Are you feeling tired all the time?

*  Do you have no energy or motivation to do anything?

*  Has your doctor told you that there is no infection, diabetes or thyroid problem?

*  Have you been left feeling like you are a hypochondriac or time waster?

*  Are you eating a diet that you think is healthy and should be filling you with vitality but it just seems to be making you  worse?

*  Are you waking up feeling like you have had no sleep?

The list could go on!

If you suffer from even just one of the symptoms I have listed above you could be very likely suffering from allergic fatigue.

Absolutely any food or substance can cause allergic fatigue.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

For women fatigue is a common symptom of PMS. Sometimes PMS is caused by a lack of progesterone, which generally has an energising effect. At other times it is caused by other PMS factors including depression, insomnia, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism and a shortage of adrenaline.

Food reactions or allergies can cause depression, insomnia, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism and a shortage of adrenaline that leads to lethargy and fatigue.

Coincidence? ………….. I don’t think so!

Questions to ask yourself

To figure out what could be causing your fatigue ask yourself these questions:

Where are you when your fatigue is at it’s worst? 

  • Are you at work?
  • If it’s your child or you are a teacher – is it at school?
  • Is it at home?
  • How about when you are outside?
  • What about different temperatures or weather conditions?

(The culprits could be allergies to mould, dust mites, medication, plastic products, computer keyboard, radiation from your computer, cleaning chemicals, pollution in the air, drinking water, pens, pencils, ink, chalk, to name but a few!)

When am I feeling worse?

  • What foods have you eaten?-  remember food allergies can take up to 72 hours to show symptoms so I always recommend keeping a food diary. That way you can see a common food that you always eat and monitor it or cut it out of your diet for a while.
  • Have you had an argument or had a bad memory? – emotions can cause symptoms and are very connected to allergies.
  • Who am I with when my fatigue is at it’s worst? – we can be  allergic to people you know!

I have no idea what can be causing this fatigue

If you really have no idea what the cause of your fatigue is and you have been to your doctor to rule out any medical issues, then I would recommend visiting a practitioner who is trained in Allergy Antidotes or NAET. They will be able to test to find out exactly what you are allergic to and then eliminate the allergies.

If you would like to eliminate your allergies yourself or help a loved one I highly recommend The Allergy Kit

Do you think you have allergic fatigue? Do you have any questions you would like me to answer? If  you do or you would just like to leave a comment then please fill in the box below.

With love and light,





”In many experience, allergy is the most common cause of otherwise unexplained fatigue in children,” says William G. Crook, M.D., a pediatric allergist in Jackson, Tennessee. ”I’ve been thrilled by the number of pale, drowsy, tired, listless children whose entire outlook on life has changed when hidden food allergens were removed from the diet,” he adds.


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